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Weekly deep dives on the most important projects, investment theses and themes in crypto, for globally minded investors. 

Learn from developers and investors at the forefront of crypto from Asia, US, and beyond with investor and host Jason Choi (@mrjasonchoi). Not financial advice.

Mar 3, 2020

A very special discussion on DeFi liquidators with Tom Schmidt (@tomhschmidt) from Dragonfly Capital and Taiyang Zhang (@bftzhang) from Ren Protocol & KeeperDao.

We discuss:

  • How traders made $100K+ "risk-free" in single transactions by being "liquidators"
  • Profitability of running liquidator strategies on different DeFi protocols
  • KeeperDao, DarkDao and Game Theory in liquidations
  • Should protocols use native tokens for collateral?
  • Will liquidation market shrink if markets mature?

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Disclaimer: Jason Choi is an investor at Spartan Capital, the hedge fund arm of The Spartan Group. All opinions expressed by Jason and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of The Spartan Group and any of its subsidiaries and personnel. This podcast is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions.